Congregate Meal Program

Congregate Dining is a community-based meal service that is intended to increase opportunities for nutritional and social support among older adults. The program is open to older adults aged 55+ as well as disabled individuals.

Monthly Programs

We host a number of different Support Group programs here at the centre each month.

Weekly Programs

We host a number of different programs here at the centre each and every week.


The Emergency Response Information Kit is ideal for seniors, chronically ill persons, those who live alone or who have caregivers, and others who have speech difficulties.

Fee For Service

This is a year round program designed to aid seniors and disabled persons in finding workers to assist with such tasks as housecleaning, laundry, lawn mowing and other yard work, snow removal, handyman and personal care to name a few.

Canadian Cancer Society Driver Transportation Program

Driver Service provides year-round transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities to local or out-of-town medical appointments as well as personal errands.